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Written by Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal   
Thursday, 24 August 2017 18:18

The corruption of Islam & the calamities

In the Muslim World, the worst crime against Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, Islam and the Muslims hasn’t been committed by the kuffars. It’s the work of the Muslims themselves. The objective of such crime is not to take back the Muslims to idolatry, atheism or other religions; but to take them away from the Qur’anic guidance and the prophetic practice of Islam. A man gets physical death if his body is invaded by lethal bugs, viruses or cancer. He meets spiritual death if his conceptual premise is infiltrated with the corrosive faiths, beliefs or ideologies. Physical death doesn’t take one to the hellfire; but spiritual death certainly does so for the infinity. This is why, preventing spiritual death is so crucial in Islam.  A man can save his soul from such death only by full adherence to the Qur’anic teaching and the teaching of the prophet (peace be upon him). These are indeed the life line for spiritual health of a man or woman. But now, the Muslims show their ugly defiance against such teachings. As a result, spiritual cum ideological death overwhelms the whole Muslim World. Such death could be easily recognised by the Muslims’ immorality, division, disintegration, deviation, corruption and rebellion against the Qur’anic doctrine.


Because of death of an Islamic identity, the so-called Muslims boast only as proud defenders of divisive walls, flag, maps and evil ideologies like nationalism, tribalism, secularism, monarchism, fascism, capitalism and others, and not as true follower of Islam. This is why, building national, tribal, secular or other form of kuffar state becomes their political objective, not establishing an Islamic state. For such an anti-Islamic objective, they even make global coalition with the known infidels. As a result, the Qur’anic Islam with its sharia, hudud, shura, khelafa, jihad, and pan-Islamic brotherhood -as was practised by the prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam and his companions survive nowhere in the lands of 57 Muslim countries. Such a crime against His prescribed deen –Islam, never goes unnoticed in the sight of All-knowing Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la; hence doesn’t go unpunished either. More than 1.6 billion Muslims’ status as the most powerless, defenceless and humiliated people on earth and the ongoing deaths, rapes, evictions and destruction in the Muslim World tell a lot about such punishment. More awfully, such a roadmap of punishment and defiance against the Qur’anic straight path never ends here on earth, rather takes to the hellfire.


Immunity against evil faiths, beliefs or ideologies never grow from good foods, good drinks or good economy. One gets such immunity only if imbued with the Qur’anic knowledge and fear of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la -called taqwa. There exists no other alternative. Since such immunity is indispensable for survival as a true Muslim amidst all forms of toxic ideologies, seeking Qur’anic knowledge was made obligatory from day one of Islam –more than a decade prior to five-time prayers, month-long fasting, zakat, and haj. Because of such immunity, the early Muslim could develop perfect moral health in the midst of all distractions of strong jaheliyah. The need of such immunity is no less even today. Hence, seeking Qur’anic knowledge is made obligatory in all ages. This is why “iqra” that means “read” to access Qur’anic knowledge is made the first word of the holy Qur’an. It is very significant to note that Almighty Allah didn’t use any other expression to start His most important Qur’anic conversation with the mankind. Acquiring such knowledge is so vital that any failure in the field leads only to non-Islam and ultimately to the hellfire. Hence, for men, women and children, no other moral, social or educational service is more crucial than the provision of the Qur’anic education. To address such a critical need of the mankind, mosque –the house of Allah, was built as the first and the most important institution on earth. In fact, during the golden days of Islam, the Muslims didn’t have any other institution apart from the premises of the mosques to run the mass education. Thus, it showed how the five-time prayer to Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and seeking His Qur’anic knowledge should run side by side in the same Divine premise. Like two wings of a bird, these two twin projects of Islam are vital, otherwise a Muslim can’t survive with his fully fledged Islamic objectives. The strategic importance of such twin projects become more pronounced even on the first day of the prophet of Islam (peace be upon him)’s arrival in Medina. He didn’t waste even a single day to start constructing this Divine institution there. Five-time prayer as well educating the Muslim started on the same floor of prophet (peace be upon him)’s mosque from day one of the Islamic State in Medina. The issue of building his own abode came later.

The enemies of Islam are not ignorant of the true powerbase of Islam. Hence, they do not destroy foods, drinks, homes, highways or industries of the Muslims; rather, dismantle the mosque-based infrastructure of Islamic education. Because of success of the enemy project, millions of mosques in the Muslim World now run fully dysfunctional. The vast premises of the mosques are strictly restricted only to hold five-time prayers. This way, one vital wing of Islam now stay dismantled. As a part of the same inimical project against Islam, the anti-Islamic rulers of the Muslim states allocate more money, more manpower and more time to teach even evil ideologies, kufr laws, riba-based banking, dance, drama and music in state-run schools, colleges and universities. And, they restrict resources to teach the holy Qur’an and the Qur’anic language. The powerful media organs are doing the same. This way, the despotic tyrants and their cronies manipulate the state-infrastructures to corrupt the Muslims mind and intellect. Thus, the taxpayers’ money are spent to hide the Qur’anic guidance and to guide people towards the hellfire. Because of such corruptive institutions, the Muslims now lead a life without the Qur’anic roadmap. As a result, the sovereignty of Allah Subhana wa Ta’la as well as the practice of sharia, hudud, khilafa, borderless pan-Islamic Muslim unity, jihad and other basics of Islam stand missing in the Muslims’ life. Because of the similar crimes by the Jews and the Christians, the great Ibrahimic faith of full submission to the revealed commandments of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la -as was practised by Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him), Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) and Prophet Isa (peace be upon him) now stand fully extinct. Judaism and Christianity survive only as an archive of massive corruption on the polity of the original Divine faith. The Muslims too, have taken the same route. Hence, Islam that dismantled the tribal and the racial walls and raised the sharia-based finest civilisation on earth, doesn’t exist anywhere in the Muslim World. In true sense, the Muslims now live without Qur’anic Islam. What they follow are indeed the cultural, racial, tribal or sectarian perversions of Islam. Because of such perversion, even the so-called ulama and the leaders of the so-called Islamic parties could maintain their tongue-tied silence and inaction even in absence of sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa, jihad and Muslim brotherhood in the Muslim lands. Such a silence matter a lot; and it tells a lot about their disbelief in Qur’nic Islam. Like the cursed Jews and the deviant Christians, they are also trying to keep Qur’anic Islam in the archive. More awfully, the most of the Muslims even converted to evil ideologies like secularism, capitalism, monarchism, liberalism, and socialism and could stand shoulder to shoulder with the kuffar co-believers of the same ideologies to resist resurgence of Islam in any part of the Muslim World. They could even generate long wars to kill the passionate followers of the Qur’anic Islam.

The corruptive social, cultural and ideological engineering by the secular rulers of the Muslim states have been so pervasive that it could successfully kill the Qur’anic concept of Islam in most of the Muslims’ mind. As a result, Islam that prescribes the Sovereignty of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, sharia, hudud, shura, khilafat, borderless Muslim brotherhood, and jihad in His way stand strange even to the Muslims. As if, they have never heard of such Islam before. The ideological conversion has been so complete that these converts call Qur’anic Islam that has the political, social and civilizational aim as barbarism or terrorism. So, in opposing the Islamic way of life, they show no difference from the known kuffars of other faiths. Millions of such Muslims could easily be recruited by the native tyrannical despots or the invading kuffars as the most obedient servants to serve their anti-Islamic agenda. In the past, such people were used by the criminal rulers to kill even Imam Hussain –the leader of the youth in the paradise, and to abuse the family of Ali bin Abu Talib –the great hero for Islam. Now, the same de-Islamised Muslims are being used by the imperialists and their local cronies to kill Islamists; thereby to sustain their brutal occupation of the Muslim lands –as seen in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.


The enemies’ obsession of war & the Islamic option

Fate of a faith or a nation is not decided on prayer mat or by supplication.  Nor by recitation or memorization of the holy Book. It is decided in the war field. Combat zone against enemies is the only place where Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la examine the believers’ iman and scrutinize their commitment for His cause. So, the most successful prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) had to build his army and needed to make the most successful war strategies. He needed to lead many wars, too. It is also the harsh reality of the history that if the Muslims do not make any war, the enemy’s brutal war still visits them. A Muslim mind must be embedded with the historical truth that the enemies of Islam are either on a constant war or on a preparation for a war against the Muslims. Hence, the prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) didn’t need to launch any war against the kuffars of Arabia, they came again and again on the edge of Medina to annihilate the newly established Islamic State. Likewise, the Indian or the Arab Muslims didn’t need to invade England to invite the British colonial occupation in the Muslim empires. Similarly, the Afghan and Iraqi Muslims didn’t need to bomb any USA territory to invite the US bombers to flatten their cities to rubbles and kill millions of Muslim men, women and children. Such enemy invasion has always been the expression of the imperialists’ war obsession. A wolf needs to run for a new prey each day; it is its survival option. The imperialists too have their own survival need. So, they always plan for new invasion in a new land. So, the US imperialistic invasion didn’t end in Philippines, Korea, Vietnam or Panama; nor did end with the invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. Now they plan to bomb North Korea, Iran and Venezuela. To keep such imperialistic dominance alive, they want to keep their global monopoly in warfare. So, they eulogise every bloody war of occupation in every land but condemn every war of resistance as terrorism. In order to keep such monopoly of war, they want to keep the weaker people permanently weaker and de-militarised. So the Muslims need to be all time war-ready too. There exists no other option.

Since Islam has a social, cultural, political and civilizational objectives, easily become the target of all evil forces on earth. They can’t tolerate Islam as a civilizational force. Hence, they want to restrict Islam only within the premises of mosques or people’s private life. In order to give sustenance to their corruptive rule, they annihilate teachings of Islam from all political, judicial, cultural and educational arenas. In such coercive context, the Muslims must know their own options. Surrender to such evil forces can only make them ideologically, politically and culturally extinct; thus become incompetent to add any glory to Islam and the Muslims. In fact, such a surrender puts the Muslims’ own survival at a risk -as has been the case of Muslims of Russia, China, India and many other countries under kuffar occupation. For the same reason, the Muslims met a catastrophic mass extinction in Spain even after more than 700 years’ of Muslim rule. Even under the coercive occupation of the home-grown secularists, monarchists, or nationalists with the Muslim names, the Muslims face more or less the same fate. Islam loses the ground as the dominant political, ideological, spiritual and cultural force. In fact, the Muslims’ current calamities owe to these home-grown enemies with Muslim names. They give sustenance to the same old colonial legacy. Hence, surrender to anti-Islamic forces –of whatever name or denominator, can never be an option for a believer.


Prayer-readiness, war-readiness & the failure

The Muslims need to be not only prayer-ready, but also all-time war-ready against the invading enemies. The enemies always search for a moment when the Muslims look lazy or unmindful in defending their borders. Hence, in Islam, unintentional omission in five-time prayer can be compensated in other times; but the crime of unmindful omission in war-readiness is unforgiveable. There is no qada for it; hence can’t be done in other times. All the consequent calamities of the enemy occupation of the Muslim World indeed owe to such lack of war-readiness against the enemy invasion. The early Muslims are known for their moral highness and many great attributes. But the virtue that played the most pivotal role to make them the closest friends of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la was the all-time war-readiness against His enemies. It worked as the pivotal key to all of their miraculous successes. Such war-readiness brought down His greatest blessing on their side in any war. As a result, the Army of angels descended in the war fields.

Every war of a believer is nothing else but a jihad in the way of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. In fact, a Muslim can’t engage in any war other than jihad. Hence, his war-readiness is indeed the readiness for the highest level of ibadah. The people of Israel failed to show such readiness for a holy war; therefore met the Divine wrath. They were asked to conquer Palestine and establish an Islamic state to practise sharia -revealed to Prophet Musa. They had many fold manpower than the number of Muslims at the time of Badr, Uhud, Khandaq and Makkah expedition. They were several hundred thousand in number when they left Egypt and took shelter in the Sinai Peninsula. But still, they showed extreme arrogance and cowardice incompetence. They failed badly in the test. They told: “O Musa! You and your Allah go forth to war; we stay in waiting!” Such disobedience against Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la’s Command earned for them the wrathful punishment. In the holy Qur’an, Allah Sub’hana Ta’la narrated the stories of these failed students of the Divine religion to warn the Muslims against such betrayal. Warning of such punishment comes in the following verse: “If you do not go forth (in war in the way of Allah), He will punish you with a painful punishment and bring in your place a people other than you..”–(Sura Taubah, verse 39). As the part of punishment, the people of Israel were made stateless vagabond on earth. If they had obeyed the Command of Allha Subhana wa Ta’la, they would have received thousands of angels on their side and could defeat any power on earth. Thus, they could emerge as the most powerful Islamic civilizational force in the life time of Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) –as happened in the time of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the early Muslims. But very disobediently they missed such a golden opportunity. Freedom from the clutches of Pharaoh didn’t help them attain any further success.

Even a hypocrite may shows readiness for prayer. Hundreds of hypocrites used to pray behind the prophet (peace be upon him) in Medina. But they failed to show any war-readiness against the enemies of Islam. Three hundreds of them withdrew from an army of only 1,000 while approaching the warfront at Ohud. All-time war-readiness in the way of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la thus plays as the most visible marker of the true faith. The companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) excelled in such readiness; hence could emerge as the proper Army of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. All of their wars were the true jihad in His way. Who wants the defeat of his own army? Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la doesn’t wish it either. Therefore, they were not left alone in any war against the kuffars; the Army of angels came down to their side as the part of the same extra-terrestrial Islamic coalition. The crucial war of Badr is an example. In that decisive war against the kuffars, the Muslims were fewer in number, poorly armed and less trained. But they received a thousand of angels on their side. Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la gives His Own narrative: “When you sought aid from your Lord, so He answered, “I will assist you with a thousand of angels following one another.”–(Sura Anfal, verse 9). According to a prophetic narration, Shaitan always gets frustrated on the day of Arafah for huge blessing from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. But His blessing on the day of Badar surpassed even the blessing on the great day of Arafah.

Because of such decisive help from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, the early Muslims turned invincible. As a result, less than one million poor Arab Muslims could defeat the two contemporary World Powers like the Roman and the Persian empires. Hence, could emerge quickly as the most powerful civilizational force on earth. Whereas today, the defeat of the Muslims is huge and humiliating. More than 1,600 million Muslims can’t protect even Islam’s holy lands; the first kibla of the Muslims stays occupied by few million Jews. What a disgrace that entrance to Al-Aqsa mosque -the historic house of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, stays under the Israeli control! And, the heart lands of Islam like Palestine, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen stands also occupied by the embedded kuffar armies. In many parts of the world –like Kashmir, Rakhine, Mindanao, Xinxiang, Chechnya, the Muslim cities and villages are now used as the killing fields by the enemies. The Muslims are now visible only as the silent spectators of the crimes: not as protestors even in the Muslim majority countries. What a shame that the largest protest against the USA’s Iraq invasion didn’t take place in Jakarta, Karachi, Dhaka, Cairo or Istanbul, but in London, Paris or Rome.  Such awful state of today’s Muslim owes to lack of the most fundamental virtue of the early Muslims. Their incompetence as well reluctance to be the Army of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’ala is shocking. Such incompetence indeed works as the mother of all other failures. They have failed to show any readiness or willingness to fight any war in the way Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. They show their readiness to fight, support or die for wars only for their tribal, national or evil ideologies. In the early days of Islam, such failure used to be recognised as a marker of hypocrisy.

Victory over an enemy comes only through blessing from Almighty Allah Sub’hana wa Tala. The holy Qur’an is very explicit on such issue. So it is revealed: “Victory is only from Allah” –(Sura Anfal, verse 10). Therefore, the Muslims can’t expect to win any war relying on the numerical strength, strong economy or arsenal. Such an expectation is a sin of unpardonable shirk. In absence of such blessing, more than 1.6 billion people are destined to lose a war. Moreover, blessing comes in a war if qualified for that. So, the entire focus of the Muslims must be to qualify for His blessing. It needs total commitment for His cause. The Army of angels never arrive in any war if the Muslims do not show their own presence there. Likewise, supplication for Divine help only works if made standing face to face against the enemy. Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la wants to see such war-readiness of the Muslims against the invading enemies. Hence the command comes: “(O Muslims!) Keep yourself ready against them (the enemy of Islam and the Muslims) in all possible means that you can manage as to military power and war-horse garrisons; through which you strike fear in the heart of the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others beside them whom you do not know but whom Allah knows.”–(Sura Anfal, verse 60).


In Islam, absence or running away from a war against an invading enemy is not an option. He must show his war-readiness. For war-readiness, a Muslim needs spiritual, intellectual and conceptual build-up. It needs deep taqwa. It needs constant urge to save his life from an infinite hellfire. It needs Islamisation thoughts through Qur’anic learnings. Those who are infatuated with secular dogmas, thoughts or ideologies and oblivious of hellfire can’t get such moral fitness. Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la started such Islamisation of beliefs and thoughts from day one of prophet’s prophet hood, obligatory rituals like 5 time prayers, month-long fasting, zakat, and haj came much letter. But such Islamisation was totally reversed by the colonial occupiers; rather they started a state-run process of full de-Islamisation. Educational institutions, political organisations and administrative machineries are used as powerful instruments for that through centuries.


The betrayal of the pledge


War plays the most decisive role in saving, transforming or destroying the human lives, societies or civilisation. War may be used to commit the worst crime on earth; in fact, all genocidal cleansings are done by the wars. More than 75 million people are killed only in two World Wars.  Hence, such wars are forbidden in Islam. Whereas, some wars are the best deed on earth. Such war save lives, religion, Islamic states and civilisations on earth. Hence, sacrifice of life in such wars takes one directly to the paradise. Therefore, war matters hugely in life. One must know when to make war and when not to join a war. Awfully, most of the people show their total ignorance vis-à-vis such crucial matter. So, millions of people join as mercenaries of the wickedest forces on earth. Because of them, the colonialists, imperialists and the tyrannical thugs didn’t suffer from shortage of foot-soldiers in their genocidal wars or in wars of occupation. In recent years, even millions of Muslims joined such warfare.

Wars that are launched against the evil forces and to promote the cause of Islam are called jihad. Participation in such war is indeed the most defining marker of iman. The prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) made that point very clear by saying: “Those who have never fought any jihad in the way of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and nor does intend to do so are munafiq (fake Muslim).” Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la made this point very binding in the holy Qur’an. Islam is not about mere belief in Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and in His prophet and performing religious rituals like five time prayer, month long fasting, haj and giving charity. It is much more than that. A believer needs to buy a place in paradise by fulfilling a solemn pledge with Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la.  The pledge with Almighty Allah tells that he will fight for His cause and will be ready even to die for that. Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la reveals the text of His solemn transaction with the believers in the following verse: “Certainly, Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties in exchange for that they will have a place in paradise, that they will fight in Allah’s way, so they kill and are killed. It is a true promise binding upon Him in the Torah and the Gospel and in the Qur’an. And who is more faithful to his promise than Allah? Therefore, rejoice in your transaction which you have made; and it is that which is the great attainment.” – (Sura Taubah, in verse 111).

An infinite life in paradise is indeed the greatest gift from Allah Sub’hana wa Tala. No one can think of such an achievement with all of his life-long prayers and good deeds. With all of his good deeds, he can’t even pay the price of all the niamah (bounties) that he enjoys for his life-long sustenance as human. He can’t even buy another heart or a lung or a kidney or a brain by all of his life-long earning, let alone pay the value of the whole body. Who can pay the price of oxygen that he consumes in his life time? Who can pay the price of an unthinkable comfort in paradise? It is beyond the capacity of any human: even the whole earth full of gold can’t match its worth. So, Allah Sub’hana wa Tala tells about the absurdity: “Even the whole earth full of gold will not be accepted from one of them (disbeliever) if offered as ransom (to get released from hellfire and for a place in paradise)” –(Sura Al Imaran, verse 91). Truly, only the forgiveness from Allah Sub’hana wa Tala and His great mercy can help get a place in paradise. For that, even all prophets will need His mercy and forgiveness.

Therefore, a believer must search very passionately for the prescribed avenues for the Divine blessings and forgiveness. Such blessings come as per Qur’anic promise when a human complies fully with the deal of transaction with Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. The above verse is indeed gives the details of such a transaction. The fulfilment of this holy transaction indeed opens the window of great opportunity to get the promised blessing and forgiveness.  How important is the war in the way of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, the above verse also gives a clear emphasis on that. Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la didn’t make such pledge of transaction with the believer who does a lot of good deeds but do not intend to sacrifice their life in the way of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. It was indeed the greatest wisdom of the companions of prophet (peace be upon him) that they took the full benefit of the above pledge. For getting His mercy and forgiveness, and ultimately a place in paradise, they didn’t rely solely on their prayers and good deeds. Rather they moved much beyond to fulfil the pledge. Hence, more than 70 per cent of companions sacrificed their life in jihad. But today, the Muslims have taken a different route. They pay little importance to fulfil the pledge. They think that the declaration of faith, five times prayer, month-long fasting, haj and charity will be enough to please Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and to get His mercy and forgiveness. As if, the companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) were short of such stuff!

Since war is an inevitable and an integral part of the Muslims’ life, they need the crucial guidance from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la vis-à-vis the correct agenda of war and the correct conduction of war. So, it is revealed: “Those who believe (in Allah), they fight in the way of Allah and those disbelieve, they fight in the way of Shaitan. Therefore, fight against the friends of Shaitan; surely strategy of Shaitan is weak”–(Sura Nisa, verse 76). In the above verse, Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la made it clear that the war in His way is the integral part of a Muslim’s life. Almighty Allah also exposes the agenda of Shaitan in any warfare. It is also made clear that a Muslim must not have any war except the war in the way of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. All other wars that are fought to promote tribal, racial, national or secular agenda or personal whims of a despot are indeed the satanic wars for falsehood. A true Muslim must not a part of it; rather must stay away from investing his wealth, energy and life from such evil enterprise. In the above verse, Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la draws a confrontational scenario of the bipolar world; and shows how the forces of Truth must stand face to face against the forces of falsehood.

In the above verse, a Muslim is commanded only to fight against the forces of evil. Since such a fight is obligatory and a war is always a life and death issue, a Muslim must know not only the prayer timings and prayer rituals, but also his role and position in this confrontational bipolar world. In absence of such understanding, even those who offer five times prayer, keep month-long fasting, perform haj and give charity may join the evil forces to harm Islam and the Muslims. It is indeed the most catastrophic ignorance in life. With such ignorance, people sacrifice their time, skills, wealth and even life to serve the agenda of the evil forces. It is indeed a common scenario in the Muslim World. Hence, although jihad in the way of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la attracts a very few Muslims, millions of lives are being lost and billions of dollars are being spent in the Muslim World to promote tribal, national, secular, monarchical and other satanic agenda. This way, they show the ugliest betrayal of the pledge that was made with Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Because of such betrayal, the most corrupt despots and the occupying kuffar forces get huge servile manpower in their rank. And Islam remains ignored and defeated. Therefore, how the people perform their religious rituals is not the only important issue.  How and where to deploy themselves in the ongoing bloody war is more crucial. It indeed decides the ultimate fate of an individual both here and in the hereafter. What could be the worst crime of a man or woman than investing the most invaluable endowment of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’ala like his time, wealth, intellect and even life in the service of evil forces? It is indeed the criminal misuse of physical, material and intellectual amanah and the ugliest khiana (betrayal) of the assigned role as His viceroy. How long the Muslims can avoid the overdue punishment of such crime? 20/08/2017


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